Cynthia is a highly experienced facilitator having designed and facilitated a range of events including conferences, workshops, team review and planning, strategic/project planning processes, community/stakeholder engagement workshops, reference group meetings, focus groups, and industry consultation.  

As a facilitator, Cynthia will contribute structure and process to interactions so your group is able to function effectively and make high quality decisions. She is a helper and enabler whose goal is to support your people as they achieve exceptional performance.


With over 20 years of diverse facilitation experience, Cynthia believes in bringing groups of people together to identify issues, exchange ideas and develop solutions that work for them, their team, business and industry or community.  


She first saw the power and transformative change of facilitation through her work with the Victorian government and successfully applied to become a facilitator of strategic planning workshops and personal development programs with farm families from a range of industries. 

The complex dynamics and issues tackled in these programs developed her abilities to listen, respond to the group in the moment, create safe environments for courageous conversations and apply effective facilitation processes to help individuals and groups solve problems and take action for success. 


She became totally hooked on the practice of facilitation and still to this day finds it inspiring and rewarding to work with groups to unlock their power. 

She also worked as Business Improvement Facilitator within the Victorian government on an organisational culture change program. She designed and facilitated workshops and brought groups of staff from different divisions together to have conversations and co-create a positive and productive culture.


Over the years she has applied her facilitation skills to a number of different industries and contexts including health, education, government, corporate, community engagement, agribusiness, biosecurity, leadership, team development, board member development, small business and more. 


She is trained in the Technology of Participation (ToP) approach to facilitation and is a member of the Australasia Facilitators Network, Institute of Learning Practitioners and Australasia-Pacific Extension Network.

Cynthia is an accredited Strength Deployment Inventory (TotalSDI) facilitator and can include SDI in team workshops and coaching programs or she run a stand-alone SDI workshop for your team.


SDI is a suite of strengths-based assessment tools that focus on understanding our personal strengths (and overdone strengths) and their underlying motives. By understanding why people do or say things in certain situations, we can improve working relationships, make better decisions and avoid or deal with unproductive conflict more effectively. 


TotalSDI has the tools needed to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the costs of conflict.

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