What leap will you make this year?

“Leap, and the net will appear” John Burroughs

Oh how time flies! It’s been three years since I took a leap of faith, resigned from my 9 to 5 job and started my own consulting business.

In taking the action of closing one door behind me, it was amazing how many exciting new doors suddenly appeared in front of me.

My passion had always been to support people, teams and organisations to be the best they can be. Yet, for a number of years, I found myself doing work that was worthy but that didn’t make my heart sing. I was in, what Dr Seuss (in the fabulous book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”) called, The Waiting Place.

We’ve all spent time in The Waiting Place….it’s that place where you feel like, “This isn't my real life”, “This isn't how things were supposed to be”, “I’m only here until the real thing I’m supposed to be doing appears”. And while you’re thinking that, the years just seem to melt away until the ‘temporary’ thing is the reality. There’s nothing wrong with The Waiting Place. Sometimes it’s the perfect place for you to be, if you choose – to rest, reflect, rejuvenate or refuel. But when you stay too long, or if you’re not making the choice to be there, then The Waiting Place can become your reality. And the result is that you're not living up to your full potential in life – whether that be relationships, health, work, hobbies, community, finances or spirituality.

About the same time I realised I was in the Waiting Place, I came across a great reflection activity which asked me to think about courage. I remembered the times in my life I’d been courageous, how it felt and what the outcome was. The lesson was that the things that scared and challenged me, and required me to choose to be courageous, were by far and away the best things I had ever done.

So…..I took a deep breath, made the leap and left The Waiting Place.

For the past three years I’ve worked with some amazing organisations, teams and people developing and facilitating leadership and development programs and activities. I’ve worked on great projects in the areas of social media, evaluation, networking and strategic planning. I'm making a difference. I'm doing what I love and what I feel passionate about - I'm in my Element!

What about you? I’d really encourage you to ask yourself the following questions, note your thoughts down and see what emerges for you. Write your leap for 2014 on a post-it-note and display it where you can see it.

  • When have you been courageous in your life and taken a leap?

  • What happened? How did you feel?

  • What was the outcome?

What leap/s will you take in 2014?