Your 6 C's of Well-being - tips for a boost

Hope you are doing OK.

It's a bit of an uncertain time at the moment for many across Australia. We Victorians feel your pain and I want to send you all the best for managing through this uncertainty.

I've just been on the phone this morning with a client who has had to postpone their first national team meeting in 18 months which was to be held in mid-July. She was so disappointed that they can't get together and connect, as I am, as I was so looking forward to facilitating their team session. However, we're talking about doing some virtual activities to keep the team connected for now with the aim of getting together face-to-face later in the year.

My Dad is anxiously crossing his fingers for the zero days in Victoria to keep going as he has a trip to Broome planned which he missed out on last year. He and Mum used to go there together and he feels very close to her there since she died - I so hope he can get there (but I don't think it's looking promising!).

I know many have had school holidays disrupted and all across Australia people are experiencing lockdowns of varying lengths.

As we've talked about before, our brains don't like uncertainty and it can be really fatiguing in times like this as the little decisions that we make that are usually on autopilot, now become big decisions that we have to put thinking energy into.

For example, should I go to the supermarket or leave it for a few days? Did I bring a mask, oh bugger I forgot my phone and we need it for QR codes? Is that person sniffing and coughing and should I be worried? Will I be able to go on my holiday that I've planned or will I need to cancel or postpone? Can I get a refund?

Whereas usually we'd just head down to the supermarket without a second thought or book our holiday without having to plan out lots of scenarios and backup plans and what ifs.

Usually, our brains are on autopilot for a lot of this stuff so that our energy is reserved for making the bigger decisions but now even the little decisions become big so if you're feeling tired or down or overwhelmed then it's no surprise.

Make sure you take some time to fill your cup and look after your energy.

Last year I made this video for the Victorian Rural Women's Network on self-care and I thought I'd share it with you again as it has some tips around looking after yourself.

Let me know if there is anything you might need or if you'd like to chat.

xxx Cynthia