This program can be run for organisations or teams as a stand-alone program. It can also be run as part of a total package with our Art of Personal Leadership Workshop, in that it offers participants more on-going support to make lasting change post-program. 


Cynthia has again partnered with Louise Thomson, Director of Global People Two, to create this innovative program to help organisations unlock the potential of their people.


Each week there will be one aspect of well-being for participants to focus on and they will identify one habit they want to practice for that week to positively impact on their well-being. Participants just need a journal and be willing to have a go and experiment and reflect on what they notice in themselves as they progress through the Challenge. 


Activities include:

  • Daily Reflection Questions – a simple question to explore throughout your day

  • Weekly Well-being Themed exercises – explore what is important to your well-being in a range of areas such as mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, exercise, relationships, work, learning

  • Weekly Well-being Readings to inform you and provide alternate approaches to achieving your goals

  • Weekend Wisdom – some special guest presenters providing their take on well-being and sharing their tips, challenges, success strategies and encouragement

  • Half-Way There Well-being Webinar – check in, share your progress and seek support

  • Well-being Private Facebook Group (or other on-line communal platform) to share your experiences and learn from others 

  • Option of one-on-one Coaching Sessions post-program to reflect on your experiences, consolidate your learnings and keep your momentum going!

Our Weekly Themes are:

Week 1: Sleep

Week 2: Movement/fitness

Week 3: Relationships/connection

Week 4: Work/role

Week 5: Creativity/learning

Week 6: Nutrition

Why invest in well-being?

  • Individual productivity rises nearly 20%: Contributors with poor well-being only produce 64% of possible work output, while those with excellent well-being produce a whopping 83%.

  • Team productivity soars too. Work output increases from 61% to 81% as team well-being goes from poor to excellent.

  • Job satisfaction doubles with increased well-being: only 44% of employees with poor well-being say they are satisfied with their jobs, while 89% of those with excellent well-being say the same.

  • Employees with excellent well-being also out-perform their peers at every skill necessary to deliver groundbreaking, difference-making great work. And, on average, employees with good or excellent well-being plan to stay at their organisations two years longer than peers with poor or average well-being.*


Please contact us to discuss running one of our Well-Being Challenges in your workplace.