To make any changes in our life we need to understand our personal leadership - knowing this is a major step towards improving and increasing our well-being. We create the space for participants to step off the busy treadmill of life and work and bring focus and attention to their own well-being.


We believe that paying attention to our own well-being means we're in a much better position to look after ourselves as well as our family, work life and community - not just now but in the long-term.


This one-day workshop provides the space, guidance and connections to explore your past, examine your current state of being and experiment with a map to explore your future. We’ll examine values, strengths, work-life choices and prioritisation, self-talk and limiting beliefs, courage, success, and enables participants to identify, and develop confidence in, their own unique leadership style.

Why invest in well-being?

  • Individual productivity rises nearly 20%: Contributors with poor well-being only produce 64% of possible work output, while those with excellent well-being produce a whopping 83%.

  • Team productivity soars too. Work output increases from 61% to 81% as team well-being goes from poor to excellent.

  • Job satisfaction doubles with increased well-being: only 44% of employees with poor well-being say they are satisfied with their jobs, while 89% of those with excellent well-being say the same.

  • Employees with excellent well-being also out-perform their peers at every skill necessary to deliver groundbreaking, difference-making great work. And, on average, employees with good or excellent well-being plan to stay at their organisations two years longer than peers with poor or average well-being.*


Cynthia has collaborated with Louise Thomson, Founder of Global People Two, to create this transformative program that will help your people flourish and perform at their best.

Please contact us to discuss running one of our Art of Personal Leadership - A Women's Well-Being Program in your workplace or as a retreat.