Cynthia, and her friend and colleague Leadership Coach Louise Thomson, are hosting a weekly webinar called Well-Being Wednesday to connect with rural, regional or remote women from their network to have a chat about well-being as a support over the next few months.

All who are interested are welcome to join us - urban, rural, men and women - anyone interested in tapping into the wisdom of some of our rural, regional and remote women :) 

Episode 22

Wednesday 19th August

1-2pm AEST

Nikki Thompson

Life Coach, Health Practitioner and Manager

Nikki is a life coach. Her life has taken her on an amazing journey – to live rurally for 40 years, raise a family, work as a health practitioner and manager, and for the last 10 years as a life coach.

Her heart has helped direct her path forward - beginning when she fell in love with Peter at the tender age of 18. Moving to the ‘Echo Hills’ a few years later after completing University. Over the years Nikki has followed a path that unfolded in some surprising ways – led often by heart, body, and circumstances, not always planned intention!


She has always been a curious soul and a pollinator of ideas and connections. A bit of a disruptor in seeing things somewhat ahead of the curve – though not always being able to articulate them with enough clarity to move the status quo.

In Nikki's words, "The current times we are immersed in with COVID 19 and before that, are calling us all to awaken to a deeper truth. COVID is exposing deep flaws in our current systems and now is the time for synergy in service of collective wellbeing".


Nikki’s passion lies in helping steward others along their journey and in helping them reconnect with their unique gifts in service of wellbeing and flourishing of self, others, and our universal home. The time is ripe for individual and collective wellbeing to be ‘The Call’ we all answer.

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